Helping issuers understand, explore, and apply Security Tokens to improve their business.


What is a Security Token?

Security tokens are financial securities, like shares or equity in traditional assets, startups, venture funds and even real estate that have built in protections, rights, and triggers using a smart contract.


Security Tokens represent real assets like equity, cash, or revenue splits


Security Tokens follow securities law in order to be safe and trustworthy


Security Tokens leverage smart contracts to build in investor protections


Security Tokens can be agnostic to geography, demographics, and payment


Security Tokens can be traded on regulated exchanges to provide liquidity


Security Tokens can represent multiple assets and other tokens bundled together

We are security token

Security Token Advisors leverages decades of experience spanning across Fortune 500 companies, venture capital, equity crowdfunding and fintech to help companies, fund managers, and real estate owners navigate through the process of Security Token Offerings.

How does STA

  1. Stage 1
  2. Stage 2
  3. Stage 3
  4. Stage 4
  1. Issuer Application

    The first step is to fill out our application so we can better understand how you are looking to leverage a Security Token and review how much you know already.

  2. STA Review

    The team at STA will go over your application, set up a 30-minute call, and asses where you need help the most based on where you are in the process.

  3. STO Report

    Receive a report with recommendations, information, and an analysis of how to best leverage a Security Token. This includes market insights, feedback, and a guide to help you estimate costs and timing.

  4. Vendor Introductions

    With the STO report complete, there is a final 30-minute call to review the report and discuss the next steps. Following this will be the introductions to the vendors you showed an interest in meeting with.

Where we

We are passionate about Security Tokens disrupting the following industries:


From Startups to Fortune companies looking to leverage Security Tokens.

Fund Formation

Fund managers looking to create new VC, PE, and Real Estate funds or vehicles.

Real Estate and Hard Assets

Real Estate developers, asset managers, and investors looking to tokenize assets.

Special Financing and Lending

Lenders and Marketplaces looking to leverage smart contracts.

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